VUUHH OÜ is a progressive online retail and wholesale company established in the first half of 2018, which manages and develops applications for e-shops and e-commerce aimed at different target groups. Our vision is to create an innovative company that will be a leading edge technology, also in 10 and 20 years in future, as well as it is today today.



The goal is to cover the whole of Europe by 2023 with a sustainable business model focused on our innovative product and delivery management system CO-PRICE, which you can find here.. We want to be the first choice for our customers, suppliers, and employees, which is the cornerstone of our strategy for long-term goals.


We distinguish ourselves from other retailers and wholesalers through an innovative business model that brings consumers a rich range of products at competitive prices. At the same time, having the ability to serve both private and business customers on equal terms, is yet another feature. We have created the firm's architecture, based on solid retail and wholesale elements, our strengths, and benefits that stand out from competitors in a highly competitive industry. We are aware of the current trend, and for this reason, we have clearly positioned ourselves as a technology-based company. This is all about being able to operate in a more customer-focused manner and offering consumers a shopping experience based on their preferences and desires.



Our branding activities aim to ensure customer satisfaction by affirming the key attributes of their brands on the market; tested quality, best price, reliability, customer focus and innovation. Creating a positive "halo effect", keeping the promises given to the customer, is the basis for sustaining a business and a healthy customer relationships.


Target groups are generally divided into private and business, these are further segmented by project. We will certainly take into an account the customer's specificity, geographical location and other important factors. According to experts, there are no standard solutions for attracting the attention of different customer target groups, so we believe that nowadays new business customers will only come through innovative and personalized solutions. At the same time, we try to keep in mind that by the end of the day there will also be a private client from a business client whose target habits must also be kept in mind.

For our private sector, we have a number of different pilot projects targeting a wide range of customers. These are customers with lower, medium and higher living standards. The right to be treated equally is a fundamental right of every person and that should not be dependent on any law. It means the right to be different without being considered worse. Equality means recognizing and respecting these differences. Fair trade or fairtrade products are the right of every customer.

Consumers with a lower income are usually looking for quality product discounts and are mostly ready to wait for a good price. They also often spend their time finding the products they want themselves.

Price is the main selection criteria, followed by brand, product quality and brand characteristics. Price sensitivity is an extremely complex phenomenon. To understand that, we have made it clear to us what this “sensitivity” is all about, what is that increases and reduces it, and what factors this “sensitivity” can affect by itself.

It must be cheap, but with a recognizable brand, the quality here is slightly less important.

Generally, middle-income consumers are not looking for specific products or brands. Rather, innovative and trendy products that are available at a fair price. They see products as a regular part of their daily life and often take it for granted.

They are not stuck in a specific product area, they prefer something from everywhere. The main thing is that the product works well without excessive costs. They need guidance to make a decision and once it’s made they usually trust and follow a trend. After making a choice, they generally hold a particular brand.

But if you get good quality at a fair price, the brand is of little importance.

Higher-income consumers, who generally know what they are looking for, make purchasing decisions by monitoring price and quality.

In making their purchase decision, they often come to mind that they need the product regardless of reality. They make purchases based on the momentary thrill, but at the same time they watch the trend carefully. When buying, they don't need instructions, they're looking for new trendy brands.

The product is carefully selected and must meet expectations, brand and features are important.
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